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Bottom line, we’re not your mommas puppet show. We’re smoking fur and rolling fleece straws to sniff glue. When someone of notoriety does something stupid, we’re there ready to mock and shame. If it is rude, crude, and has no class. We’re in.

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It’s a Rotten world out there…

..and we’re here as living documents to society and the shit that goes down in the world around us. I know.. I know.. Another fucking post with no content or videos.. Sucks right? AGREED. Mister Muffstache was in prison. Real talk for ya kids. He spent a little bit...

Rotten Puppets joins the MyPod Studios Network!!

Rotten Puppets + MyPod Studios = Victory. This is the big announcement we have been waiting for and it’s now OFFICIAL. Rotten Puppets has joined the MyPod Studios Network of content creators. MyPod Studios is bringing the video content to fans in a whole new...

The Wolfun Commeth

Dirty Nursery Rhymes – Andrew Dice Clay Tribute

The Wolfun Commeth! A Tribute to Andrew Dice Clay one of the greatest and dirtiest comedians of all time. Turn those cheap ass computer speakers up, pull out that wilted piece of tapioca you call a pecker, and enjoy the filthy nursery rhymes that made The...

Paris snorts a line off Bozo the clowns WHAT??

Hey everyone, Tuesday and fun stuff ahead. Paris busted for coke not like the world is shocked about that one, Bozo the clown wore the nose in bed having sex with his wife? And we’re having a contest over at Rotten Forums. is our bulletin...

Rotten Puppets Classics

Mister Muffstache… Mister Maxwell Muffstache

Looks like we have a name for this fella. Mister Maxwell Muffstache. It’s an instant classic with nothing short of an epic future to be had. With a name like Muffstache you know he means business. Don’t rile Maxwell Muffstache up or he’ll liable to give you a Dirty...


So what, you didn’t think Weinergate would bring us out of the woodwork? Of course it will! Weinergate is the single greatest thing to happen since the Spitzer Sex Scandal a few years ago. Nothing really will make the political circles happier than...

Osama’s Death – Rotten Puppets Style!

You didn’t think Rotten Puppets would be gone forever, did you? We’re back at Rotten Puppets with a quick and sloppy short of what we think went down in the death of Osama bin Laden. We’ve been hiding out for most of 2011 but have no fear we still have 7...

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