Hey folks, here’s the next installment of my eventual online application to a rest home. Ears are completed, posable, and only require attachment once the head is furred. The claws came in from Grey Owl Crafts and they are great, thanks GO. So that meant I had to immediately fur a foot. And a pic is present! Clawed and then furred and clawed. Claws are removable if needed. Still a ton of haircutting left to be done to all pieces. 

The nose has been getting layer on layer of latex and added some Mars Black acrylic to give it a nice rich color. It’s taking a while with the foam soaking it up but the pores are starting to all close up and rubberize now so the end in sight for the nose!

Then I thought it would be a good idea to make a torso piece. I didn’t want it huge and since a wolf is generally depicted as longer and lankier I went with just a shoulder pads setup inspired by attire in the Mad Max series of movies. Who rules Bartertown??? Lots of work left to do on that piece with shaping/foaming but I’ve started the latexing of RIBLETS!! That’s right you heard me, RIBLETS!! They look too raised now but the fur will be going around each one so it will end up looking really subtle. 

Well that’s enough rambling on.. HERE ARE THE PICS!!!