Well our first mascot creation is born and walking the streets of NY. He’ll probably not be seen too often here on RP but you never know what will happen. Like they say, “Anything is possible with magic” so maybe we can cast a foam and fleece spell to return him to our universe for more fun and games….

Here are a couple pics from last night.. We have a great video showing you just how accepting New Yorkers are of different people coming up later tonight.. You can pick up dinner from a pizzaria and not a soul will flinch when you’re a 6′4″ comical wolf. They didn’t want to sell me the food @ first without knowing who it was but my minions assured them I was a regular (which I am).. At the end we showed him my ID and he got a good laugh realizing it’s that crazy guy who always comes in.

Anyways.. Here are a couple teaser pics, video later tonight when I’m back in the workshop.