Well folks, what can I say. Not so soon after the mighty Wolfun is born we have another creation coming out of the workshop.. No name yet has been decided but it’s going to be a Pig-based character.. I say “Pig-based” because this design is very free forming.. Gloves, foot slip overs (this will help make it a one size fits all), a suit from the 70s from a local salvation army/thrift store, and the head piece. The snout has some nosehole reference points but that’s going to be the viewpoint for the wearer.. This way the pupils can have that beady pig look they so need. This should be a lot easier to build from a how much I have to do point of view but hey shit happens. Let’s hope for the best!

This character will also be 100% for Rotten Puppets. We’ve got some ideas up our sleeves for a couple shorts that should be a real treat! But being a RP character poses the question of what side is this Swine-Flu carrying Pig on?? (PFF?) Only time will tell but I’m sure Zibble will have something to say about it. Mascot/puppet confrontations are inevitable at this point they already ask about that big grey fella wandering around.

Not a lot of pics to show so far.. A simple shot of a sketch (yeah I know my drawing sucks, i’m not a sketch artist!!) and a quick shot of some features pinned up on the head form. Don’t mind the uneven appearance it’s just for the sake of keeping the parts somewhere while working on them!!