Hey folks here is another quick update on some progress in the land of Rottenville. The nose I made the initial cutouts on since that’s where the viewing will be taking place from when the head is on the wearer. I want to keep the eyes beeeeedy and creepy so looking through the nose seems to be the best option. I made a test nose piece out of posterboard and latex and will mock up the viewing with it. I had a little black latex left over already mixed and ready to rock so it’s easy enough to make again and I’ll do the real one a dark pink but i’ll be using this one for testing different mesh coverings. 

Also put up 2 pics of the tail. It has armature wire going through the entire length so I can give it that squiggly look that it so deserves! It’s going to end up being just under a foot long when coiled up. Done for now until I’m ready to make a mount for it but that should be no big deal…..

Onto the pics!!