Sometimes I just sit here in the midnight hour watching old videos. Not in a self-serving “oh i’m f’n great” kind of way, but more of an evaluation of the self-worth of Rotten Puppets and the majesty it can create at times. It’s truly an animal standing alone and there is little to nothing I can do about it at this point. When I first said “Where the puppets run the show” I never realized just how true that would become. And now with things picking back up on the creative / developmental side I’d going through all of the old shorts, music videos, and jokes to see what is up. Some worked, some sucked, and some should just be deleted from the internet forever…. Learning what makes each video tick is like online therapy to make the next production just that much better.

It also makes me think about how much fun the process is from sketching out some  ideas, recording tracks, and then coming up with the video ideas. This one I’m posting up tonight never got the attention I feel it deserves so here it is again tonight for your pleasure! It’s a love story from our dear President to his favorite gal Hillary. With all of the dirty things he’s done to her in the past it’s a nice treat to see him sing a love song.

The Obama Long Song – Sang by our President to his dream girl, Hillary.