Wolfun here checking in with Episode 2 of The Rotten Puppets Show. Now we have an little show title now too near the start of the episode which is cool and we’re working on some other ideas so we can rotate them. Tuesday and Thursday at around 3:30pm  like we said yesterday will be the show times from now on. Maybe we do more shows, or special add-ons we’ll see what happens but the twice a week format will be a great way to start and build on things for now while we learn what we’re doing here.

Today’s episode covers the new game Alien Swarm which is FREE from Valve @ http://www.alienswarm.com, Stephen Hawkings latest retarded ramblings about space and how we need to move before the world ends and how we should avoid alien contact at all costs, AND (if that wasn’t a f’n mouthful enough in itself) a little fun with the Japanese building more robots. Now they’re just torsos.. And they claim to not be sexing them up.. Yeaaahhhhhhhh. Right!