Hey folks. Just wanted to drop in for a quick update since it’s been a few days (5 to be exact) and with my new motivation to keep things moving here at the ole RP I figured what better time than Monday morning to swing by and give an update for what’s going on this week here in our Universe of insanity.

The show while didn’t have a Thursday episode last week (sorry but Wolfun had a really bad fur ball) we are back on track this week for Tuesday/Thursday @ 3:33pm EST. We also are working on a couple extra shorts, things that people can use all the time. Like a generic Happy Birthday video you can send to friends, co-workers, loved ones, the local soda shop, etc. Wolfun thinks it’s a good idea and way for him to give back so I’m down with that and will be recording his birthday song sometime this week.

Up this week on the show we’re going to be talking about the acclaimed TV show, “The Colony”. Also, the new Iron Maiden album “The Final Frontier” was released last week and we have a short video review that will be in one of this weeks show. And a couple other topics that Wolfun needs to discuss with the audience. The YouTube channel is growing well and we want to thank everyone who has joined and been a part of our starting up. We have a LOOONNNGGGG way to go no doubt, and we hope you enjoy our crazy ride there. The goal is to bring everyone who likes Vlogs and Vlogging something different, out of the ordinary. We’re not video guru’s or R&B musicians here. Just a bunch of NY Jerk-offs with a Dollar and a Dream. Let’s see what happens!

For the website here, I realize in many ways it’s just becoming the vehicle for PR/distribution and we never finished up things like the Cast Bio’s, or the online store. Have no fear every week once we finish the 2 RP Show episodes we’re going to start putting more time into closing up those 2 projects and getting things online. I think currently on our Zazzle store (you can see on the right sidebar) we have a Zibble keychain, and nothing more. Fucking sad I tell ya. On the bright side, we have 90% of the artwork ready to go so it’s only a matter of time before it’s up and available.