The Wolfun Commeth! A Tribute to Andrew Dice Clay one of the greatest and dirtiest comedians of all time. Turn those cheap ass computer speakers up, pull out that wilted piece of tapioca you call a pecker, and enjoy the filthy nursery rhymes that made The Diceman a superstar and household name whether you liked him or not! We hit all the classic Andrew Dice Clay nursery rhymes with a little 2010 spin of the lines being delivered by a 6’2″ wolf! If you like this, you’ll love Little Red Riding Hood.

We love Andrew Dice Clay, and this tribute will never replace his magic!

The Wolfun revolution has only just begun. Our inspiration comes from many sources and the Diceman is one of the greatest acts the comedy world has and ever will see. If you think you have 1/10th of Andrew Dice Clay’s skill you are fucking kidding yourself! Nobody can touch his timing and offpaced wit.

You are a turtle, Andrew Dice Clay is a nuclear mother fucking shark from hell!!

Open up your buttcheeks and accept it. Let it penetrate you while your eyes and ears are assaulted with Dirty Nursery Rhymes like you have never heard before! You thought you know Jack and Jill, Old Mother Hubbard, and countless others. You’re WRONG! You haven’t heard shit yet. Sit back, relax, light up a smoke and crack open a cold one. It’s Diceman time and there’s nothing that can be done to stop this madness. Nothing!

And don’t forget to check out the Andrew Dice Clay website at: for updated tour schedules and releases!

Long Live Andrew Dice Clay!