Hey folks. Just wanted to drop in with a quick site related update.

2 new features have been added to the main pages of the site here.

1 – On the left hand sidebar you will now see a section called “Rotten Forums” and that will list the 5 most recent threads that have been started over on our message board www.rottenforums.com so you can keep up on the forums from here at RP, and click on the titles if you’re interested and want to participate. Take a minute to stop by and introduce yourself, we’re happy you’re here no sense in not saying hello!!

2 – On the right sidebar there is now a section called “The Rotten Store”. This goes to our Zazzle  online store. We made our own merch the first time and it is a lot of work so we’re trying to make it easier on us, give you folk a reliable place to pick up some Rotten Puppets/Forums merch, and find a way we can get the designs out faster to everyone. So it only made sense to you an online “print on demand” type of shop and we have chosen Zazzle. If you click on any item shown it will take you to the online store where you can pick from a variety of items and designs. T-Shirts, coffee mugs, cooking aprons, stationary, and a whole lot more! We’ll be adding more each week and if you want to see something specific from your favorite RP Universe character just contact us and we’ll be happy to do what we can to make it happen!

That’s really all for today. Thanks for stopping by and as always… I hope you enjoy the show!!