Hey folks. I don’t know how many of you know this but Wolfun was abducted a couple of months ago and hadn’t been making his happy go snarky vlogs. We’ve had all puppets on deck looking for this guy and we have finally found him! He was not in the best condition and appeared to be molested both mentally and physically. He’s damaged goods now that’s for sure and is going to be more R-Rated than ever before. So if you came here looking for childrens videos, people jerking off in public libraries with ventriloquist dummies on their laps, and all that kind of “typical puppet shit” you are sadly, sadly mistaken.

We have made a decision here at Rotten Puppets, and that is to be MORE ROTTEN. Not just a little more Rotten, but we’re talking full blown AIDS rotten. Some of you may say “what jerks” and leave to never be seen or heard from again. That’s ok, we’ll just make fun of you on the way out.

So be on the lookout, he’ll be back for the holidays with his own kind of holiday jeer!

Happy Kwanza Bitches!