Let’s rock a Rotten Puppets classic! When our faithful Governor here in New York got caught banging a call girl the state went up in arms! So we did the first thing possible and put in the LT. Gov who was a known cocaine user in the whore mongers place and then sent Spitzer packing!! Mistake? Hell yeah! But it’s NY what do you expect from this place, intelligent choices?? Maybe in 2050. Until then it’ll be over-emotional d-bags making the choices unfortunately.

So we made a video. In honor of our lost Governor. He liked hookers, he liked doing them with no condoms, and he liked using special codes like he was a penis mercenary looking for his next target.. All things that of course, demand our attention! And now he joined the elite news crew of CNN this past September, so we thought what better time to make it a Rotten Classic!