Hey everyone. It’s been about 1.5 years since we’ve put up the Blog-styled site here at the ‘ole RP and it’s time for some change. So excuse our appearance as we update the site over this Turkey-basting holiday. So grab a glass of turkey juice, dip your love parts in deep, and have a wonderful holiday and eat a lot of turkey. They didn’t kill all those birds for nothing!!

The new site/theme is already in process of being put in place, and we have to edit a lot of the prior posts to fit the template and it’s auto-formatting of video. Should make for yet another way to get video out quicker on the site which is always a happy go snarky thing.

UPDATE: Making good progress. Everything on the site works, just a matter of tweaking the details, updating older posts, etc. More important is we have a new character coming to the Rotten Puppets Universe, and we’ll unveil him.. whoops I said him.. well at least details about him some time this week. Hopefully he’ll be ready to join the show in the next couple of weeks in time to give you a mouthful of his holiday cheer.