YouTube wants to have our baby!

So here’s the story. A couple of months ago before we started inviting Wolfun here to RP for his takes on life we applied to the YouTube Partner Program. It said it might take a while. Timing as it has it, Wolfun is coming back strong in 2011 and the day before 2010 ends we get the email.

RP has been approved as a YouTube Partner!

So now we can make a customized YouTube page of our own brand of lunacy and take over the YouTube universe. We’re on the warpath now with guns blazing. We know this post went up 2 months ago (this update is March 1) but just because we’ve been out of the loop for a while doesn’t mean we’ve rolled over and died. Life makes you roll with it sometimes, and we’ve stopped rolling and now we are READY TO ROCK!

You can check out our page now and know it sucks. We’re working on a new version of it now and should have our updated YouTube page ready ASAP.

YouTube must smoke crack opening the doors for us!

The Wolf is back, and he’s hungry and as vulgar as ever. He is a HUGE NBA fan and has been sidetracked by the magical season the New York Knicks have been having as of late. He has a full Knicks special he’s working on as his way back on camera. Won’t be for everyone but nothing ever is. If you are a NYK fan then you’ll have something special to watch real soon.

Hey, it’s progress! Now it’s YouTube time!