You didn’t think Rotten Puppets would be gone forever, did you?

We’re back at Rotten Puppets with a quick and sloppy short of what we think went down in the death of Osama bin Laden. We’ve been hiding out for most of 2011 but have no fear we still have 7 months left in ’11 to make you want to vomit and cut your eyes out. Give it time, we’ll get you wanting to shove a garden hose up your ass and turn it on full blast just yet.

So what REALLY happened to Osama bin Limpin’ (you heard about his floppy penis problems right?? some terrorist he cant even get a boner) before his death / execution / slipping in the shower and blaming US? Well we want to let you know that Rotten Puppets had nothing to do with it!! Zibble works alone and is not associated with anyone so we cannot take the credit on this one. Props to the Navy SEALS for a job well done.