So what, you didn’t think Weinergate would bring us out of the woodwork?

Of course it will! Weinergate is the single greatest thing to happen since the Spitzer Sex Scandal a few years ago. Nothing really will make the political circles happier than these Weinergate type of events. So the brass tax of it all is that Anthony Weiner shows his cock to lots of young girls on sites like Twitter, Facebook, private e-mail, and who knows where else. Lies all over the media about it when caught. And then once realizing “oh fuck i’m really caught here” FINALLY mans up and admits that it’s his junk in the photos and he sent it.

Now to make Weinergate even spicier it’s coming out that there’s a pile of bitches lined up waiting to take a bite out of his oscar meyer weiner, and he was a sexting fiend! Asking chicks if they like to suck dick and then telling them he’s going to take a shower. You know, CLASSY STUFF FOR A POLITICIAN.. Then again by the standards of the politicians set in the past 10-15 years with guys like Mark Sanford and his out of country love interest, Edwards making babies while his wife dies of cancer, and good ole Willy Billy Clinton shooting mansauce on fat girls in the office; are we really expecting too much from them? This Weinergate fiasco I fear is far, far from over.

Best part, it’s only just begun. And don’t worry little stranger. Rotten Puppets has you covered. Know in your heart in the days to come a level of disgust will over again sweep down and warm your heart as our next project is manifesting itself before your very eyes.. With each Weinergate news update on TV, we’ll be there. With every press conference, weiner joke, and phallic symbol; we’ll be there!

Weinergate has only just begun!