Rotten Puppets + MyPod Studios = Victory.

This is the big announcement we have been waiting for and it’s now OFFICIAL. Rotten Puppets has joined the MyPod Studios Network of content creators. MyPod Studios is bringing the video content to fans in a whole new way. Colorful web portals that catch the audiences eye, are easy to navigate, and simple to jump from video to video. You can come check ours out at the all new Rotten Puppets Pod hosting by the MyPodgang. We are going to have some exclusive MyPod videos coming out soon including our official introduction to the network! And rest assured… it will be fantastic!

What are we doing on MyPod studios?

That’s pretty simple to explain. We are finding alternative ways to deliver our content to viewers new and old alike. We have a pretty large cache of content already developed that pretty much just sits there if nobody talks about it, shows it, promotes it, etc. MyPod Studios gives us a fresh and new outlet for showing our content to the masses. Think of it as an invite-online YouTube where it gets rid of the random 1 shot wonders, junk videos, etc. Only folks who actually make and deliver content are on this network which increases the quality dramatically for the viewers.

What about Rotten Puppets home page? Will MyPod Studios change anything?

100% NO. is going nowhere. If anything it’s going to help us grow the backend / story / behind the scenes part of what Rotten Puppets does even more than ever with this MyPod partnership. We can keep the videos there in an awesome to see format, tease them here on the main homepage, and then use the blog site here to deliver a much more mixed media format. Like our favorite actor Charlie Sheen says… Winning!

So give a dirty rotten welcome to our new friends at MyPod Studios.