About Rotten Puppets

Slumlords of the internet

The Story

The year was 2005. Upon a grand vision from my Reptilian family far away on another planet a seed was spawned into my mind. Rotten Puppets. The journey has been a great one with many ups, downs, and cosmic shifts along the way.

Back in 2004-2005 I picked up puppetry as a hobby. Not really sure, how, why, or what that initial catalyst was but I ended up with a copy of the legendary “The Foam Book” and off to the races I went. Never turning back.

In 2005 Rotten Puppets was born. Between a sick sense of humor and the ability to sew, the cast was born. Often bouncing ideas between friends and viewing the level of disgust on their face to guide my decisions. Maybe not science, but at the time it worked.

YouTube, Break, DailyMotion, and a million other emerging video content sites were hosting my videos and it was a fantastic initial run. Eventually I started a vlog, in character, while wearing my one of a kind charcter, Wolfun. It was getting crazy, probably a little out of control even for me.

Unfortunately REAL LIFE (I know that motherfucker right??) got in the way, and work took a precedence over puppets and I slowly did less, projects took longer to complete or never saw the light of day, and things slowed down.

The next Big Bang moment of life changing direction was my daughter being born in 2012. Rotten Puppets with a baby stroller? If there was great success you could argue it, but as a side project that was already losing traction sadly I hung up my scissors and hot glue for the time being.

More work, more life, and at some point I fucked up hard enough to forget to renew my domain and I lost this site, rottenpuppets.com for 3-4 years. Eventually they realized I would not pay them and would rather watch their domain prospecting business give up or fail. Time passes and the site is back in my control where it belongs.

Fast forward a few more years, kid is growing up and starting school. Currently I work nights for an Aussie company so my days? They’re free. I’ve been podcasting on and off and the creative juices are naturally starting to free themselves once again. Only difference is life is much more stable, no fucks are given anymore, and I’m going to drive this train of insanity right into the wall.

All aboard!



Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.

– george carlin