Wolfun - Iranian Stoning Al Gore

Iranian Stoning, Al Gore gets Toxic, Labor Day, and the NFL!

Busy update today and a long one at that. Hope everyone had an awesome Labor Day weekend and is getting back into the swing of things now, I know we are! Today we’re covering the Iranian woman who was lashed 99 times and now faces stoning, Al Gore getting Toxic with a place named after him, Labor Day and what it brings to us, an update on our contest at the forums, and a bit on the NFL and an idea for a new Monday episode for our foosball fans out there!

0:00 It’s Time to get FURRY!
0:19 Iranian Stoning over a threesome
1:48 Dump named after Al Gore
3:48 Contest Time at Rotten Forums
4:30 Labor Day
6:46 NFL

Episode Note: Another episode touching on the rougher side of the news with a little levity added into the mix. One of the things I learned here is that I should have just done 1 bit per video and it would have been easier to get content out, and to have content waiting to go out all the time.