Superpower or Superhero

Is the Obama Puppet a Superpower or Superhero? You decide!

Our Presidential Puppet Obama is found out to have superpower. Who knew our Commander in Chief also moonlighted as a superhero?

“It’s a tough call. Recently Sarah Palin criticized me of thinking it’s a bad thing that we are a Superpower. Now don’t get me wrong people, I KNOW that we are a Superpower. I just don’t think that’s going to work for me in the future though as it is a bit of a conflict of interest.” – Puppet President Obama

Take a look at this short and you should understand why this is going to be such a problem for me! NATO better make an exception for me.

Episode Note: A lot of these Obama movies started to get weird. Full disclosure, I was getting bored with this puppet and only using him because of President Obama’s position in office. This video was during a time where I just posted it and never promoted it once. My fault. I should have been trying harder but that’s ok. All videos and channels have their ups and downs, it’s a part of what paints the entire picture.