Make It Rain

Make It Rain – Lil’ Pupp & Obama (Music Video)

Rap Star Lil’ Pupp is bringing the house down with ‘Make It Rain’ his first single on Puppito Records.

Also featuring the Presidential Puppet for this one-of-a-kind performance. A Rotten Puppets Production. Hard, thrusting lyrics with meaning… Mans gotta do what a mans gotta do s0n.

Episode Note: I fully stand behind this music video. LOVED making it. Every last drop. From writing the lyrics and then recording it all, to making a music video for it. Total labor of love. I think it’s clever and amusing for the times. By today’s standard? Holy hell it’s nothing. We live in a world where pigs dance around to WAP and the N word is used so much you would think it’s from a Nursery Rhyme.

That’s why we will Make It RAIN!!

This video never got the attention is deserved back then, and now in an HD world it’s just an outdated and underproduced “lost classic.”