Wolfun - Marinating Cats Roasting Hoff

Marinating Cats, Roasting Hoff, and thanks for 200!

What’s up YouTube, today we talk about marinating cats, roasting The Hoff, and a thank you for getting the channel up to 200+ subs and counting!! Enjoy the show.

0:00 Intro – It’s time to get Furry!
0:14 Marinating Cats
1:35 Gary the animal abuser – FU
1:39 Comedy Central Roasting David Hasslehoff
2:51 200 Subs – Thank you!

Episode Note: Crazy people marinating animals, our lord and savior David Hasselhoff, and some bitching eyewear made this a memorable episode. Lots of other puppet creations in the background and starting to get that groove.