2008 Puppet Olympics

Olympic Games 2008 Presents: Mortal Puppet Combat

Olympics 2008 – Puppet vs Puppet. Zibble takes on Mister Mummy in a battle to the finish. It’s a last puppet standing battle.


  • One Round Battle
  • Fight until Incapacitation
  • Weapons Allowed
  • Powers Allowed

Who wins this epic battle of puppet vs. undead puppet? Only one way to find out.

Episode Notes: Holy holy holy holy holy hell I can honestly say I don’t know what the fuck was going on in my brain when I made this. Zibble was a mainstay, Mister Mummy was the new kid on the block. The 2008 Olympics were on the TV all day and night and in a blurry haze… this happened.

I’m sorry. Hah.