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Bottom line, we’re not your mommas puppet show. We’re smoking fur and rolling fleece straws to sniff glue. When someone of notoriety does something stupid, we’re there ready to mock and shame. If it is rude, crude, and has no class. We’re in.

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Hey YouTube wants to party with RP

YouTube wants to have our baby! So here’s the story. A couple of months ago before we started inviting Wolfun here to RP for his takes on life we applied to the YouTube Partner Program. It said it might take a while. Timing as it has it, Wolfun is coming back...

Happy Holidays from RP

Happy Holidays / Merry Christmas / Awesome Kwanza / Happy Hanukkah  … and all that other Jazz!


Rotten Puppets 3.0 Underway!

Hey everyone. It’s been about 1.5 years since we’ve put up the Blog-styled site here at the ‘ole RP and it’s time for some change. So excuse our appearance as we update the site over this Turkey-basting holiday. So grab a glass of turkey juice, dip your love parts in...

The Wolfun Commeth

Party in your Mouth!

Quick vid today we’re in the middle of re-formatting, updating, re-installing, and generally sprucing up our Wolf Den so chill out and enjoy. Also come check out the forums at and post up your ideas for the show, things you want to see me...

Marinating Cats, Roasting Hoff, and thanks for 200!

Hey folks.. Today we’re talking about some dick up near Buffalo running a stop sign and getting caught with a live cat marinating in his trunk, the failure that is known as the latest Comedy Central Roast (of Hasslehoff), and a thanks to my YouTube subscribers. We’re...

Rotten Puppets Classics

Rotten Classic – Spitzer Sex Tape

Let’s rock a Rotten Puppets classic! When our faithful Governor here in New York got caught banging a call girl the state went up in arms! So we did the first thing possible and put in the LT. Gov who was a known cocaine user in the whore mongers place and then sent...

Rotten Classic – Zibble On The Run

Here’s another Rotten Classic for everyone. Zibble On The Run. It’s horrible video quality and the story itself is pretty weak. Hey at least we can admit it that time was needed to hone our skills and come up with not only usable video format, but the skills...

Alien Swarm, Stephen Hawking, Japanese Sex Robots

Wolfun here checking in with Episode 2 of The Rotten Puppets Show. Now we have an little show title now too near the start of the episode which is cool and we’re working on some other ideas so we can rotate them. Tuesday and Thursday at around 3:30pm  like we...

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