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Bottom line, we’re not your mommas puppet show. We’re smoking fur and rolling fleece straws to sniff glue. When someone of notoriety does something stupid, we’re there ready to mock and shame. If it is rude, crude, and has no class. We’re in.

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News From Your Internet Slumlord

Wolfun was found… alive!

Hey folks. I don’t know how many of you know this but Wolfun was abducted a couple of months ago and hadn’t been making his happy go snarky vlogs. We’ve had all puppets on deck looking for this guy and we have finally found him! He was not in the best condition and...

Some new things on the site

Hey folks. Just wanted to drop in with a quick site related update. 2 new features have been added to the main pages of the site here. 1 – On the left hand sidebar you will now see a section called “Rotten Forums” and that will list the 5 most recent threads that have...

Ayyyyye Ca-rumba!

Hey folks. Just wanted to drop in for a quick update since it’s been a few days (5 to be exact) and with my new motivation to keep things moving here at the ole RP I figured what better time than Monday morning to swing by and give an update for what’s going on this...

The Wolfun Commeth

Sturgis, Pee Wee, and Counterfeit Condoms oh my!

Ep03 of The Rotten Puppets Show. Friday the 13th and what better topics than the Sturgis Biker Rally, Pee Wee Herman, and a guy in NY busted for selling counterfeit condoms! Have an awesome weekend and remember to Keep It Furry....

Little Red Riding Hood? Yeah, I fucked her

Wanted to know about me huh? Just had to keep pressing and pressing and waiting until I FINALLY break. Yeah. Nice audience you all are, shame on you rotten sons of bitches for making me tell you all the full story. Well enjoy the show. This one is an unexpected bonus...

Join us on YouTube

Hey everyone. We’ve started up the Rotten Puppets Show, and are now working on the YouTube channel. So click on the image below and Subscribe to the show! You’ll be able to get instant notification of new episodes from The Rotten Puppets Show. Tomorrow’s show is going...

Rotten Puppets Classics

Puppets Struggle for Survival

Well it was bound to happen.. A real gag.. har har. A couple puppets got loose, started screaming, and we recorded them while laughing in their general direction. So if you like escaped convict puppets screaming for dear life while having their mouthes bound then this...

Rotten Classics #1

So I started this whole crazy thing a few years ago now. Lots of things have changed over the past 2-3 years, we moved to a larger place personally which in turn finally gave me the workshop I needed. Learning how to use a videocamera from day 1 until now and all the...

Obama Attack caught on tape!!

President Obama has a defiant mean streak in him. He is a savage, savage puppet and will stop at NOTHING for Rottenville domination. We’re been trying to tell you this in the past and those folks over at The Obamadome just keep denying it. Well we know the truth and...

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