Obama Hate Mail

Presidential Puppet Obama Hate Mail

Our Presidential Puppet Obama gets a lot of hate mail here. I think people just don’t understand him. Being a President is tough work, and Obama does what he can in the Rotten Universe.

Episode Note: So here’s the thing. Obamadome was a separate website from Rotten Puppets in the beginning. I didn’t really have much of a reason other than thinking I should keep the political shit off RP and the crazy away from the politics. So all of the Obama puppet videos lived on Obamadome and it made the rounds on some of the left wing forums.

That generated a TON of hate mail. I wish I made this stuff up, I’m not that funny. These unhinged kooks sent me upwards of 100 emails, all hate mail. So one day I went through them ALL to find the gems, and read them on the site with the Obama puppet. Might as well trigger people who already hate me 🙂