Spitzer Sex Tape

The Elliot Spitzer Sex Tape (UNCENSORED)

New York Governor Elliot Spitzer was recently caught in a prostitution scandal and we have revealed the EXCLUSIVE sex tape!

We New Yorkers stand behind our beloved governor with great gusto. He deserves the chance to explain himself. If he used his own money should we even care? With all of the corruption New York City has faced over the years is a man of wealth partaking in the world’s oldest profession really something to complain about?

Episode Note: I went bananas here. Our Governor in New York was caught up in an escort ring mess and it just opened up the most delicious can of worms the world has ever seen. Of course I had to jump 2 feet into this with my own version of the events that were plastered all over the new. It would have been a bigger crime to ignore this!