Sho Nuff Tribute

Tribute to Sho’Nuff aka Julius Carry III from Berry Gordys Last Dragon

A puppet tribute to Sho’Nuff and the greatest villain entrance of all time!! Berry Gordy’s The Last Dragon. Sho’Nuff, the Shogun of Harlem.

Thank you Julius Carry III for bringing Sho’Nuff to the silver screen. You immortalized what it meant to be a hilarious 1980’s stylized bad ass character.

Your lines are forever ingraining into my memory, shaping my humor and vision. You will be remembered, forever.

Episode Note: I’m a HUGE fan of the movie Berry Gordy’s The Last Dragon. HUUUUUGE. When Julius Carry III passed away that was a giant blow to my childhood. He was Sho’Nuff, arguably the greatest cinematic villain of all time. That’s not a joke, I’m being serious. He took a comedy role and just turned it into this insanely deep (and insanely insane) character. It just worked. He will forever be missed.

When this video first came out I received an email from one of his family members that happened to see it and told me it was a touching tribute “and cute.” Reason enough to keep it online forever. I’m honored.