Zibble on the Run

Zibble: On the Run from the Puppet Freedom Force

Zibble has escaped the terrible Puppet Freedom Force. Now he is on the run. Broke, tired, and figuring out his next move.

Straight out of the Rotten Puppets Universe Zibble has hit the streets in this mini-sode. Everyone starts to panic now that he is free from his captors, the P.F.F. aka the Puppet Freedom Force. Not so free ehh.

What will he do? Train? Fight? Who knows!

Only time will tell what this crazy puppet is up to!

Episode Note: The ongoing story of my first “favorite puppet” Zibble. He’s escaped from the Puppet Freedom Force (which is a group of “bad guys” in case you didn’t know) and is now on the run. Had a lot of fun making these movies back in the day.