Zibble on OJ Simpson

Zibble reports in for the Puppet News Network on OJ Simpson

Our friend Zibble reporting in for the PNN (Puppet News Network) on OJ Simpson, running back and NFL legend of the Buffalo Bills.

PNN (Puppet News Network) 09-21-07 Broadcast

Topic: OJ Simpson accused of armed robbery and kidnapping.

Episode Note: At some point I got the idea of “puppets reading the news” in my head and PNN (Puppet News Network) was born. Not as original as I hoped when I quickly remembered after late night Muppet movie viewing and “Muppets Newsflash” so I didn’t go too deep into this well. While OJ Simpson is an amazing topic to discuss with the mess that is his post Nordberg life, doing the news was not in the long-term plans for Zibble (or me).