Zibble: The Escape

Zibble: The Escape from the Puppet Freedom Force

From the clutches of the dastardly PFF (Puppet Freedom Force) our hero Zibble… ESCAPES!

Zibble escapes from the Puppet Freedom Force and grabs some cash to start out on his adventures. It’s a good thing he got away when he did because Abe the men’s room attendant was looking for him!

Where will this lead our trusty companion Zibble to next time? Stay tuned to find out.

Episode Note: This was the absolute FIRST puppet movie I ever made. It started everything for me. Just watching it now while posting it to the new RP site I’m looking at it with a totally different lens. This was from July 2007!! That’s a long time ago and it’s amazing how many things have changed since then. Technology, life, everything. Unreal. So maybe if I can find the footage I can do a re-clip of this and make it short and tight down the road.